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SARDUNYA, with the responsibility of being a “QUALITY” volunteer and a pioneer company at its business, for kitchen and cooking projects, for all processes from the procurement to the service completion is striving to execute its job in order to deliver the maximum quality at the sector by carrying out very specialized precautions and applications.

Accompanying out studies at our quality expedition, the following standards and norms are being used:

For our customers; ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate
For Health ; ISO 22000 / HACCP Food Safety Management System Certificate
For Our Employees; OHSAS -18001 Occupational Health and Safety System Certificate
For Our Planet; ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate
For Your Satisfaction;
ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate

for all the kitchen and cooking projects.

These systems have been certified so as to include all our projects. Our systems are being audited every year by accredited audit agents.

Furthermore, the efficiency of our Management Systems implemented for our whole kitchen and cooking projects are checked periodically by our Food Engineers charged in Hygiene & Quality Management Department.

The fundamental concept for these audits where the efficiency in application for the Food and Quality management systems are measured is “continuous improvement”, and the checks and audits are carried out as a training process.

In order that to monitor the efficiency of disinfection systems while the audits are being done, samples from the hands of relevant personnel and from the equipment utilized are collected.

Audit results are shared with Operation Managers and improvement methods are determined and the results are monitored altogether. The Assessments are checked at top level meetings in monthly, quarterly and semi-annual and yearly periods.

The concept - In case a person knows what to do and how to do the job, that person actually “does” the job, and if (s)he knows why to do it, so (s)he “puts willingness” into that job – is our basic approach for our training understanding.

There are continuing training for the topics such as Food Safety, Total Quality, Job Safety and Employees’ Health.

Our Food Safety and Quality Management System that starts with the Selection of Supplier up to Service completion comprises of very specific precautions.

By considering the principle the procurement of Safe Food is only available by choosing Quality raw materials / ingredients, we cooperate with the supplier companies having the most powerful quality application in Turkey. The safety and security of the raw materials are being monitored by our Hygiene Quality Management department by continuous checks and analysis methods, incessantly.

The conformity with the acceptance criteria for the every product delivered in our depots are checked by our experienced and trained managers. Our depots are checked at least twice a day in respect to heat, labeling, FIFO, packaging etc.

For product planning, the basis of food safety is also considered. The products such as frozen food, spices, legumes etc. are re-elected at least three times before they are fed into production process.

The raw vegetables and fruits after the re-electing process, according to the season and product, are passed through the washing machine 3 or 5 times at least, and then they are disinfected, rinsed and kept in cold environments. The specific washing machines that are used for this process exist only in SARDUNYA facilities in Turkey.

The oil to be used for frying has crucial importance and is monitored precisely. The oil for frying at SARDUNYA is only once usage. The waste oils as a legal liability are delivered to intermediary licensed firms. The chemical and physical analysis of waste oils are under our surveillance and open for sharing with our customers.

The personnel hygiene of our stuff is our preliminary concern. Therefore, hand washing at every half hours, gloves renewal at least six times a day, change clothes at least twice a day, wearing armlet and masks, detailed health checks are our routine procedures.

The equipments we utilized, workbench, feet cleaning basins are disinfected three times a day. We use Johnson Diversey products for cleaning and disinfection processes.

Our foods are checked for warmness and sensual manner prior to cooking, dispatch, acceptance for projects and servicing. Food conservation is a critical checkpoint for the food safety, and foods that are placed in gastronomic containers are delivered in thermo boxes.

The samples taken from daily all good kinds, usage and potable water prior to dispatch and servicing are kept for 72 hours at +4°C cabinets at our headquarter. In case a necessity such samples can get analyzed by independent accredited laboratories.

The whole cleaning – disinfection procedures, checks done at depots, input check results, food cooking steps– preparation phases, controls over foods are all registered by relevant personnel and are all available for traceability in retrospective manner.

In order to meet the security sensitivity of our business partners at utmost level, the drivers in charge of food deliver yare checked by GBT scan and our vehicles are provided with holographic security identity cards.

In our all procedures are consistently implemented the Environmental Management and Work Safety / Workers Health management systems.

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