We are conscious that the most effective tool in order to sustain the SARDUNYA quality is to maintain our qualified and experienced team by improving them continuously.

Therefore, a career planning for every SARDUNYA employee at any job level, resource allocation according to this plan, guidance and follow-up is our fundamental Human Resources Policy.

Our purpose is not merely to get a job for our employees, instead, to make them owned a profession substantially. For this reason, SARDUNYA employees take 60 hours of training in average a year.

Our purpose is to contribute our employees to become more useful individuals not only at their workplaces but also at their home and even in society.

That’s why;

We support them incessantly by means of Personality Development Programs and Intra-organizational coaching activities. SARDUNYA is a company with the minimum employee-recycling ratio in the sector.

We as SARDUNYA management are proud of our employees and striving with full-force to improve a working environment where they are proud with.


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